Life, the Universe and… something.

I am a firm Agnostic with a close and personal relationship to whatever is out there. I know that, in the end, there is one creation and everything is a part of it; that I am a piece of God’s creation and the material form of being. Still, I don’t claim to know what God wants of us, or how much I matter as such a small part. Some parts of my body are more vital to me than others, though I don’t know that the liver cell I drink into oblivion would feel that the neuron is more important than it is.

I am a pagan. I think that God is too big a term for people to really deal with. We found spirits and made deities that we could relate to. As we changed, they changed or were replaced. Even the god of Abraham is as petty, jealous and human as any the Greeks housed on Olympus. We need gods we can relate to, and I think that’s ok. They are there. We can empower them, they can give back. The Universe is bigger than our small, fragile, 4 dimensional selves can grasp, but we know that and we’ve found ways to cope; they are built-in in some ways and others are learned. Some we can hope to overcome: we may invent ways for some and unlearn others.

I am a devout and practicing Universalist. I believe that nothing is beneath the notice of God, as we are all active and vibrant pieces of creation. I believe that we are are loved, and that even the worst of us is as a cancerous tissue; maybe bad for the whole, but still a part that stems from the body. No one and no thing is irredeemable. There is one creation and one creator, we are a part of that.

So, there are a few labels if anyone needs them. I’ll try to expound on them tomorrow. Well, I know I will, because I am starting that post already in my head. Tune in for some pop-philosophy gone a muck.


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