I am a fool, which makes me wise

I am an educated person. I can say this because I am aware that there is a whole, awful lot that I don’t know. There are still vast fields that I know nothing about except their existence, and unknown numbers I’ve never heard of. I am an educated person, because I have been made aware of my ignorance.

I am not here to try and convert you, completely, over to my way of thinking, but I hope you’ll try to comprehend my view and how I arrived at it. I assure you that it has been a strange trip. I am open to discussing it, and I am not going to say that it will not change; I fully expect it will continue to grow and shift, though I will not take well to attempts to belittle or undermine my beliefs. I did not come by them easily, and I can defend them.

I do not know that we are the ultimate design. I do not know what level of care was taken in the creation of the universe or what stage we are in now. It could be a Lego structure where each block was chosen with care for color and shape, or one where only the finished project mattered; each block was just the first that would suffice when grabbed.

Maybe creation is a cake, all the rules known and the ingredients mixed, the pan chosen, but the actual baking just happens when heat is applied and the bubbles and the flavors and the chemistry are left to do what they will within the given mold. It doesn’t even really matter; this is our part to play and we can only do our best.

I know that there are many solid rules, and that our world and our place in it are very exact. I know that the expected periods of change, the intermediate stages of evolution, do seem incredibly short and hard to pin down and that there isn’t enough randomness in most species to account for constant change. I believe this points to some guiding factor. I don’t know, but I chose “design” as my personal explanation. Again, it may not be a hands-on creation (but I suppose it also could be), but I do see the mark of a maker, and that is some comfort to me.


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