I am tired of the spreading rhetoric that members of the democratic party are “Pro-Abortion” and “Pro-Gay”. I am frustrated by the accusations that people who want to give kids health care, educate people on how to avoid unwanted pregnancies and allow more loving couples the ability to marry are somehow “anti-family”.

No sane person, and certainly no one with a political career, is Pro-Abortion; that is, it is a very rare and strange person who thinks there ought to be more abortions. Sure, there are plenty of people who shouldn’t be breeding, or who should at least have waited longer to do it; that could be helped with better education on sex and family life. There should be fewer unwanted pregnancies, and there should be more support for women who get pregnant and want to give their child up for adoption, a topic I feel strongly about. We need to work to reduce abortions, but outlawing the procedure is not the way to do it. But, as much as I am against abortion-as-birth-control, my research and my common sense tell me that we cannot outlaw abortion.

Firstly, simply making abortion illegal is removing medical options from doctors and patients. What about leaving a medical exception? It simply means more investigations of what is necessary, and we would need exceptions for mental as well as physical  health, and so the situation just gets more confusing.

We can’t effectively regulate this procedure, and we can’t afford to outlaw the practice, even if we could agree on a non-religious reason for banning it. When, exactly, does a fetus become a person? There are too many opinions for a single blog to consider. When do a fetus’ rights supersede those of its mother? Never: The wellbeing of the functional, mature adult has to come before that of a fetus that has no chance of survival outside the mother’s body. To force a woman to carry an unwanted child is a cruel punishment for an act that is, very likely, not criminal.

Calling the current democratic platform “Anti-Family” is like calling a Death-Penalty supporter “Pro-Life”; it is meaningless rhetoric that only serves to avoid the issue. Stop with the name calling and let’s talk about solutions.

There is the more controversial, harder to defend issue out of the way. Tomorrow, I promote equal rights for homosexuals. Stick around for the fun.


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