Insuring Domestic Tranquility

What has been done in recent years to insure Domestic Tranquility? How is the US government using its authority, and is that authority really acting in the interest of “tranquility”, or have we started waiting until there is a meltdown to admit that we’ve got a problem. Constant fire-fighting is not tranquility; it is reactionary and ineffective.

Domestic Tranquility has taken a back seat to mindless and universal “Security”. We aren’t so much at peace (tranquil), as we are numb and willing to let “The Authorities” do as they wish, so long as they don’t do it to us.

History has proven that, when given that kind of free reign, governments will get around to us all in time. We are at war with too much of the world, if not actively attacking them with munitions. We are at war here at home because we cannot respect that this is a nation of immigrants, pilgrims and cast-aways. We cannot look at the science (2 links) and the will of the people (2 links)and ignore the money of big business. We were founded on the work of people who either hated where they lived and how it was governed (or where hated by the same) so badly that they settled half a world away to start over. Our society is built on the idea and the labor of outcasts and miscreants as much as it is refugees and heretics. We must embrace that heritage if we are to find peace either at home or with the world at large.

Keeping things civil at home should have nothing to do with limiting free speech or the right to peaceably assemble. We can encourage discourse without inciting mayhem. Congress has also attempted to assumed some pretty broad powers under the “Commerce Clause” of Article I of the Constitution, arguing their authority to “regulate commerce.. among the several states” allows them to oversee what seems like the bulk of US commerce and criminalize a wide range of activities having nothing to do with commerce of any sort. Yes, the federal government is required to keep the peace between the states, and should set certain standards for things like safety and in regulating attempts at price fixing via cartels and monopolies. Yes, congress has assumed a lot of power as the needs of the US have changed, bringing us to the modern view of one federal government, rather than 50 federated, but individual states. But where is the line?

My point of view says that people are not given enough control of their own choices, and local politics too often takes a back seat to national desires. Speech, worship and the press are still held in high regard, but we’ve devalued the rights of free assembly and petition of the government. Feelings of alienation by people of all type are fueling the protests against globalization and war and reform of all sorts. From the G8 protests to the Tea Parties, people are desperate to reclaim those final two rights of the first amendment, and it looks to me as though that is the biggest threat to “Domestic Tranquility” we face today.

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