Dating & Unemployment; desperation & frustration

I know I’m LONG over due on the 7 Principles. I had to post this thought, though.

I am a member of a “Dating Site”. I use it to meet people and because it is the one with the neat quizzes and questions. They have also started posting articles about things they’ve learned by analyzing¬† the data they collect.

They posted recently about the tendency of guys to get into a negative cycle of sending out introduction messages and then, on not getting any replies, widening their search, putting less into the message and sending out more. This leads the women to feel overwhelmed and to be even pickier about who they reply to, having so many messages to wade through. This means that the rate of replies goes down, leading the men to more frustration. So, they send a larger quantity of lower quality messages to women they have even less in common with.

I read almost the same article about job seekers and employers. The exact same cycle. Desperate job seekers trying to find any paying position, leading them to apply for things they aren’t really qualified for and to send out tons of very generic sounding cover letters. This drowns out the people who are trying to break in to the field, either as a change of life or from the into level, leading to more frustration, as these people aren’t even considered, tossed t with all the other “unqualified” applicants.

I don’t know what the solution is, but I found the parallel to interesting to pass up, and I needed something interesting to post.


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