It’s my Birthday…

…so forgive me if I wander off topic and do a little meta-blogging.
One of my main problems with this effort is that it is hard to say what I want to say in few enough words to hold anyone’s interest. I have many more ideas, even on the topics I’ve already posted, than I can discuss in 500 words. I don’t want to make things too lengthy (some would say it is too late), but I have a hard time editing for content when there is no guideline other than what I believe people will respond to.
So, that is why I can’t seem to get a working schedule: I’m writing too much, and having to cut and edit to boil the ideas down to a few hundred words. I hope that, once I start getting more feed back, this will be easier. Knowing what people are interested in talking about will make it easier to create my end of the discussion.
In  short, I’m saying that what I want for my birthday is feedback. Write me comments and let me know what ideas I need to expand on, and what I’ve already overstated.


4 Responses

  1. Idle curiosity – why are you restricting yourself to 500 words?

    • It isn’t a hard restriction, but: 1) I want to keep my ideas easy to digest to invite comment and discussion 2) I need to put some kid of goal/limit on the work, so I shoot for between 400 and 500 words per post. Less makes me think the topic isn’t worth discussing, more and I’m prone to wander and rant, though have missed both marks a few times.

      • I don’t know if you read but you really really should browse through past posts. You can take or leave the design and cms posts, but look at the writing ones.

        • I really appreciate the link. I’ll have a look. I’m just making up rules as I go, so it might do me some good, now that I’m going somewhere with this, to do some more exploration of what works for others.

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