Changes are Coming

I didn’t make it to the GA this year. It was a fitting end to a rather bad month. I went through a break-up; I am having to confront legal issues that can only be solved with money; I am still unable to find permanent employment, and the temp work I’ve had hasn’t even covered the monthly bills. Change is coming, and I’m not sure what the temporary fall-out will be.

I am upset that I couldn’t make it to Minneapolis because, in the end, I couldn’t make arrangements for a place to stay. I did follow the events and activities via the great on-line resources and the Twitter community that build up around the #UUGA hash-tag. I connected with people who are passionate and knowledgeable. I see my passion mirrored in them, and it is exciting to see that the seeds are there for real activity.

I may be cut off for a little while, as I deal with my legal issues and find a source of income, but I promise that when I return, I will be more active than ever. I have ideas and goals that I have been afraid to put into action, but once I put this trouble behind me, I will have very little else holding me back.

I want the people who bother reading this to do something for me: Think hard about what your goals are. The really big goals. Not “replant the garden” or even “be president”; those are still means to the real end. Why do you want to be president? What does replanting the garden do for your soul? What is the legacy you want to leave the world? One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life is that you make your priorities by choosing what you put your time and energy into. Don’t let the means become more important than the desired result. I’ve let that happen in my life, and I am ready to make the changes needed to put my priorities back in line.


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