Coming Out: I am Straight.

I guess I first knew back in 1988. I was 10 or so, and I had a huge crush on a kid with glasses and pigtails. Yes, pigtails; it was a girl. It took me a few years to be comfortable enough with the realization to be open about it. 3 or 4 years later, I told a few close friends that I was straight. There was this one girl I had a huge crush on in 7th grade, and while I got to be friends with her, I never could bring myself to say anything. I’m pretty sure she knew I was straight, but I guess she never considered that I’d “like” her. She wasn’t the last one who I kept that truth from.

I’ve become a lot more open about my sexuality, and I think most people can kinda tell, though there are many who are confused, at least at first. I don’t hide the fact about myself, but I don’t let it become the driving issue in my life. I don’t mind it being known that I am straight guy, but I don’t want to be know for being a straight guy; I’m a lot more than that. My sexuality doesn’t define me.


If this post seems really silly to you, think on whether you’ve ever read the exact same expressions from a Homosexual (if you read my blog, I bet you have) or a Bisexual (more rare because of a triple standard). Think about how silly it is for them to have to make such statements in their lives. Why should they be known for being Gay?

In a time when we teach young girls that they can grow up to do anything a man can do, why do we put the limit on “except marrying a woman”? We have hospitals filled with male nurses and schools where men teach science and humanities classes without ever telling anyone to hit the showers. We don’t tell boys certain jobs are “woman’s work”, but we do tell them how a family is supposed to be formed. We used to prohibit interracial marriages to prevent interbreeding, but what is the logic, however broken, in telling people that they can’t fall in love?

I’m sick of gender and sexual identity being used as political footballs. If women are more concerned about families than men, that’s not a political issue to be exploited; it’s a social problem to be solved. Gender shouldn’t matter, and as long as the children are cared for, the shape of a family is nobody’s business unless they hope to join it. In my society, it doesn’t matter if you are homosexual, bisexual, asexual, transgendered, or just queer. If you are a decent person, you respect those around you, and you take care of the people who depend on you, then you can call yourself a crypto-cryo-sodo-sapio-sexual, and it is none of my business.

And unless you’re invited to join, My kink is none of your business, either.

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