Provide for the Common Defence

Forgive me while I make attempts to finish old projects… I hope I can find new momentum.

We need a better definition for “Common Defense”. In theory, it is the ability of the National Government of the United States to defend our borders against external attacks and our citizens from internal threats. It is an idea that, at its core, speaks of the security of American Citizens. The thing is, our citizens aren’t actually interested in their own security as much as they are restricting the actions of people they feel threatened by.

We are far too interested in what the system can do for us with out looking at the big picture or the long term. We don’t want to help people too much. We don’t want to give anyone else too much freedom. We want to be proactive, even preemptive, in our defense of self, and we’ve lost the sense of commonality.

We want to make sure that the liberty of others is too inconvenient. Conversely, we are asked to believe that our freedom and even our very lives may depends on subjugating other sovereign nations who may, eventually, pose a threat to us. We are no longer a nation of defenders; we are ever vigilant offenders, just as eager to take offense as to commit it. We try to justify our offense and make ourselves into the victims, even as we plot our next advance.

There is no community, only alliances formed with people whose goals are similar enough to keep them out of our way. There is no national identity or culture because we forcibly compartmentalize ourselves to shield us from new memes and mental viruses. This has only served to weaken our resolve and embrittle our ideals.

We can’t have “Common” anything without a sense of Community. We can’t defend some of our people and claim to be living up to the ideals of the Founding Fathers. We have made a promise to all of our citizens and the residents who are trying to live the American Dream. The Common Defense has to, once again, become about defending our collective rights against internal as well as external threats. None of us are free unless we are all free to make mistakes, be responsible for our choices, and be unpopular.

It goes beyond being Military. It goes beyond civil defense. It means that our government has to protect us from ourselves, sometimes. We need Roads to move the supplies and personnel.  It means that we need, at times, to be told “No” when we demand things that would, whether we see the big picture or not, infringe on the rights of others.

So, we need to debate and reconsider the idea of Defense. There isn’t any single power in the world that could crush the US in a conventional war, but it has been shown that it doesn’t take a lot of resources to destroy the true heart of America by turning Americans on each other, and having the majority ready to turn over the rights and sense of commonality that truly make up the American Dream.


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