ADD and Blogging don’t mesh well.

I’ve not been doing much any blogging lately. Hells, I hardly write anything original for Twitter at this point. That’s just not sitting well.

It isn’t that I don’t have things to say. It isn’t that I have enough other outlets. It is simply that there is a lot going on, and it has been easier to work in sound bites than in well conceived prose. I used to use Live Journal, where I would post many times a day when the mood struck me, though that rarely resulted in a lot of content to be proud of.

The thing was, when I was writing, it was easier to write. When I was writing a lot, it made it natural to put good ideas into words.

So, I am thinking that I’ll find a way to make more posts, maybe not left out for the public, if only to help me get into the habit of it again. Is Lj still doing alright on Privacy? Should I just make a few friends here and post things on Material Sojourn that not everyone can read?

I want to write again. I insist, though, that I try to raise the level of “signal to noise” on the internet. I want what I write to have value. I don’t want this effort to devolve into ranting and raving. So, this is a step. It isn’t much, other than to those who already care, but it is a step and it makes the intention clear.


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