A Little More Eschatology: There are no solid answers.

Yeah. That’s a big word I learned from my DRE, Natalie Briscoe, and for those who don’t know, it refers to the study of the end. That’s right, more talk of Salvation and “The End of the World”.

You see, this really is a major part of every religion. Some argue that the only reason for religion at all is our fear of our mortality. It is certainly the only explanation for certain belief systems, past and present. Why bury the family pet and favorite servants along with Dear Old Dad if you don’t convince yourself, first, that they are all going somewhere? People don’t want to believe that ego, their sense of self, can be turned off.

Maybe it can’t. Maybe it will be. Maybe, by the time we know for sure, it won’t matter to us any more. I don’t claim to know, because we can’t. We can choose to believe, but (and I can’t stress this enough for the religious or the atheists) we cannot know for sure until it is too late to share the information.

What we do know is that we’ve got a life, here on the planet Earth, and there is no hand of God coming down to smite the wicked or support the downtrodden. What we can be pretty sure of is that, for the time being, and for as long as we’ve had reliable records, we are the greatest creators of good and evil in the world, and it all comes down to choices.

That is the back-bone of my eschatology: we make the world we want to live in, and thus the world that our families, friends, and communities will share by our actions, not our beliefs or our pronouncements. The Kingdom of Heaven is within each of us, and so it hell. We must choose which one we will nourish and share with the world. In that sharing, we create our greatest legacy.

I choose to believe that there is a God. Many will argue that there is no proof, and I cannot defend against it except to say that my experience leads me to believe. We cannot observe God; we can rarely prove a negative. There is nothing but sport in the debate. What we must agree on, though, is that, whether there is a God or not, We, the human race, are the primary cause of most of the fortune or woe that we suffer. Our greed, sloth, apathy, or fear cause more harm than any natural disaster in millennia. Our choice to move beyond those emotions is the best chance we have at making the world a better place. We create our own Heaven or Hell, and it is exactly the future we deserve.


2 Responses

  1. I wholeheartedly share your viewpoint in this piece and I enjoy reading all of them!

    • Thank you for saying so. Some of this is pretty personal, and I feel like I’m going out on a limb posting such heresies. America tends to be a place where we loudly declare our independence and personal freedom to make choices, while shunning those who actually embrace it.

      Mind you, the root of “Heresy” just means “choice”, and I think I’ve expressed my feelings on personal choice in religion pretty well so far.

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