Only Love Deserves Love; Why I reject Particularism.

I refuse to bow down to tyrants. I will not be ruled by superstitious dogma. I cannot accept that the universe was built on fundamental injustice. My sanity relies on my believing in  a few things which clearly make me a heretic, and I am not ashamed of that. In fact, I would be proud to see heresy spread.

I have tried to defend Universalism against orthodoxy. I’ve used Scripture, and I’ve used logic. Now, I take an approach I’ve never fully embraced in any other medium: I defend Universalism by rejecting Particularism outright.

In particular, I am addressing the idea that any being or creator worthy of being called God, worthy of worship, would create a universe where anything we could do in our short lifetime could warrant eternal punishment. I would sooner believe that the only eternity awaiting us all is, what sounds to our minds like torment than to believe that eternal torture is set aside for some of us because of our temporal actions. There is no justice, no logic, and no balance in particularism.

The only way that God is worthy of my worship or reverence is if, as science predicts, the Universe will one day return to its origins, and all things will return to a single whole. If that whole has a creator, of whatever shape or substance, then everything must be returned to that creator at some point; everything or nothing. Anything else is injustice. Anything else is horrible imperfection on a scale that negates divinity. It certainly is not a doctrine of love or parental concern.

Particularism is about ego. It is about thinking that you are chosen, or that you are gifted or that you are special. It is about thinking that you have a connection with God that you share with a select few who share your beliefs, culture, or genetics. More over, it is about the belief that everyone else is so wrong for their way of life that they will be punished for it in a way that you, your family, or even your entire culture could never manage. Particularism says that God has spoken, but in a voice that few can recognize, and it has been revealed that there is one way that relatively few will ever learn about, and that the only way to avoid eternal punishment is to be special enough to be put in the path of that message. Clearly, that is not something that could ever be applied to the whole world. Clearly, that is injustice.

I cannot believe in such a Universe. If there is a God, if there is a return to God anytime after this life is over, then it must be Universal, or the Creator is unworthy of my praise or thanks. I don’t want to be special at the expense of the rest of humanity. That goes against my own Humanity.


2 Responses

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