Metablogging: My thanks to all of you.

I started this blog some time ago (yes, I could look it up pretty easily) to give myself an outlet for better quality writing. More recently, it has become my soapbox for ideas related to my personal quest for truth and meaning, and my ideas on how to build a more just, compassionate, and free world for the future.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. I’ve tried to make this something worth reading, and that’s been a struggle. I’ve suffered my whole life with what no less than 3 doctors called Attention Deficit Disorder. I don’t manage time well, and I am easily distracted. I have made a commitment to this project  for 2 crucial reasons. 1: I feel like I really have things to contribute, and I would like to discuss some of the ideas that float to the top, and 2: I wanted to prove to myself that I can write 2 essays a week. The second leads to greater aspirations in the future that I am not ready to get in to, but the former has become troublesome, due to the fact that I’m not actually seeing conversation here often.

That being said, this blog has been great for my personal journey, in that I’ve had to work through a lot of complex thoughts and to put into words ideas that I had been able to leave pretty vague in the past.

I have been a writer for a while. I even got paid to write for the yearbook at university. But most of my writing has been impersonal. They were my voice, even my words, but the ideas weren’t internalized, even the non-fiction wasn’t about me.

That has been the second hardest part of blogging: having to make it all personal. I’ve had to learn to share myself, and to put my beliefs up for discussion and even debate. It has been challenging to put complete thoughts here, so that my whole line of thinking can be understood, knowing that I had little wiggle room if someone wanted to confront me about them.

Still, over the last few months, when I really have dedicated myself to publishing and sharing, the response has been wonderful. I’ve had over a hundred people read the blog each of the last 3 months, and I’ve been mentioned on UU World‘s new Interdependent Web page several times. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to have my ideas being featured for discussion on a national level. I keep hoping that the discussion will come, but my one complaint is the dearth of comments.

So, this is a formal “Thank you” to everyone who has read my blog, especially those who comment, share, or tweet. It makes it all seem worthwhile to know that my writing is shaping the bigger discussion on any scale. The writing might be good for me anyway, but I know that I wouldn’t work as hard on keeping up a schedule or with the quality of the writing if I were the only one reading it.


3 Responses

  1. I am glad you write 🙂

  2. I only recently discovered your blog and look forward to reading more.

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