Just some news:

I built a Facebook page for the blog, so that people who are not friends of mine can see new posts there, and so that “friends” who don’t read my blog don’t really see anything from me anymore, as blog updates constituted almost of of my Facebook activity for a while. If you are interested, it is A Material Sojourn on Facebook…

Next up, I’d like to thank my significant other and life partner, Carey, for proof reading as many of my posts as she can, given her work schedule. Many more of my posts would look like my worst posts if she didn’t catch my typos and poor word choices.

Lastly, I have had a couple of requests from a very singular friend to post more content about the lumber industry, and logging in particular. As I have never posted about this subject before, I am fairly sure that this fulfills the request.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading. It has been wild to see how many people some of these posts have reached. I even appreciate the trolls and the critics, as they have helped my sharpen my perceptions and hone my arguments.

With that, I hit “publish” on a very short but grateful 100th post to the blog.

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