Fetal personhood and criminalizing abortion: a prosecutor’s perspective

This was beautifully written, and outlines some of the legal problems with the idea that we can ONLY allow abortion in certain circumstances: Those limits will only make the laws so complicated that no doctor or woman can navigate them. They create loopholes so small that no one can comfortably fit through them.

the moonlight reader

I apologize in advance, because this post has nothing to do with books, classics or otherwise.

But I’ve been watching a lot of Republican candidates for federal office saying a lot of stuff about pregnancy and rape, and pregnancies resulting from rape, over the last several weeks, and I am simply unable to keep my mouth shut any longer. Because as all of my friends know, I’ve been prosecuting rape, child abuse and homicide for over a decade and a half, and this is a subject that I happen to know quite a lot about. And I am deeply disturbed by the personhood movement, by the idea that there should be specified exceptions to a blanket criminalization of abortion, and by the fact that the group of mostly men propounding this policy seem to have absolutely no FREAKING idea what they are actually trying to do here. Since I think…

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  1. :::sigh::: I do wish I could get my pro-life aunt to read this with an open mind. I know she means well, (being one of those who supports public education and welfare as well as restrictions on abortion) and she’s dear to me, but I think she’s pretty well brain washed about this matter. (And I’m sure she’d say the same of me.)

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