What Could Roku Mean to UUs?

We have a Roku 2. It is hooked up to a large, traditional tube-style tv. We do subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime, and I have occasionally listened to NPR on it as well. I noticed the Religious channel category, and I had some of these same thoughts, but unlike the Catholics, we don’t have the well-funded (inter)national parent organization that can afford to put out regular, quality content. If I win the lottery, maybe I’ll set up a trust to spread the great work that the CLF is doing to more platforms…

Even though I’ve spent significant time working in the world of SmartTVs and app development for them, I only just now have made the connection between digital ministry and the power of internet delivered TV shows.

Earlier this year, I had  three set-top boxes  — one from Google, a Roku box and an Apple TV one — attached to the back of my HD TV.  The three tiny black boxes look like giant beetles feeding off the internal organs of my Samsung. The difference between Roku and Apple TV is that Apple TV is tied to a viewer’s iTunes account. It’s terrific because its much nicer to watch movies and shows from the iTunes store on a TV monitor than a tablet, iphone or laptop.  Roku, unlike Apple, aggressively seeks out and encourages worldwide developers of TV-like programming.

It’s not easy to find faith-focused content in iTunes. It’s a snap in…

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  1. How much easier would it be to watch the CLF’s services with the whole family if it could be played in the living room rather than the office?

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