How Has I Am UU Touched You?

This isn’t a matter of ego, I promise. I am absolutely humbled by the trust and responsibility of over 4,000 people reading my words and sharing my designs. I am working hard to be worthy of it, and to keep improving to be the kind of resource that helps people find liberal religious community. I am blessed to have reached as many people as I have, and it feels very strange to be asking you all for this kind of feedback. That being said, Faithify has a requirement that I explain how my work and my ability to keep doing this, rather than getting a job in a call center or a car dealership, is good for Unitarian Universalism.

The actual phrasing is “How does this project claim Unitarian Universalism” and “How is it claimed by Unitarian Universalism”, and I would love it if you all would help me answer that.

Please leave a comment here with your answer, or if your answer is posted somewhere else (which is wonderful!), please share a link. The idea to make a public ask came after seeing the first blog post about this fundraiser was shared on Facebook by a fan and Patreon supporter. Her words about why she supports I Am UU mean more than anything I could write about myself. It would be so amazing to see other people posting their support for their friends to read, but that is certainly at your discretion. If you do, please post it publicly and share the link with me so that I can read it. I will make sure that you don’t mind being quoted before I share your words.

I am also collecting questions for an FAQ post. Right now, questions include “Where is the money going?” “What happens if goals aren’t met?” and “Will there be rewards as on Kickstarter?” I welcome any other questions that might help people connect and feel good about donating. I want you all to know that I already feel responsible to the community that has built up around my work, and this will only increase that. You all matter to me, personally, and I care about helping you find new ways to express and even experience Unitarian Universalism.
Thank you, in advance,



3 Responses

  1. Here is one from another Patreon supporter from October of last year. Just saving the link so that it will be here with any others.

  2. I am UU is often my first resource for information about what is going on in the Unitarian Universalist world. I am often sharing the postings that I find on the I Am UU page to the page I have been entrusted with at the Unitarian Universalist of Blanchard Valley page on facebook. I find inspiration and relevant messages, along with opportunities to educate, get involved, and encourage our congregation, along with those who are less familiar with our faith. Some people have the wrong ideas about Unitarian Universalists, and much of the information that I pass along helps clear things up. The I Am UU is very valuable and if ever it ceases to exist, I would be hard pressed to find anything as user-friendly, interesting, and informative.

    • Thank you for sharing this! I hope that, when we launch, we can count on you to help get the word out. We are going to be asking for a lot, because we think it is fair, and we will need people like yourself to point out to their congregations how my work helps them, even if they don’t realize it. This is stressful and confusing for me, having never wanted this to be about myself, but I am facing a summer where I need to have an income. Some friends and mentors have convinced me that if I am going to ask for help, I should ask for what I am worth. I find the thought really frightening, but I am trying to figure out what a reasonable goal is. Knowing that my work is helping people like this is so encouraging.

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