Crowd Funding Goals and Promises

Below is a chart with dollar amounts that I hope to raise with this campaign. Next to each amount is a promise of how that money will support me and how I will use it to better myself in service to Unitarian Universalism and liberal religion. I welcome you to write me about any of these goals or with questions.

  • $12,000 or about $3 per follower:
    $1000 a month to allow me to support my family financially and still have time for this project. This is minimum wage,  and I am doing skilled work, but it allows me to keep doing the work I love while living indoors and eating. I will have to find a way to supplement my income, and there may be periods where content is recycled.
  • $16,000 or about $4 per follower:
    Counts as half-time pay for the year and let’s me concentrate on the work.. Reaching this point means that I can do things like increasing my pledge to my own congregation and maybe buy a car, which lets me attend more training sessions and workshops as well as visiting with various UU leaders as they come through the DFW area (and many do at some point).
  • $20,000 or about $5 per follower:
    Three-quarters pay! Now I can expand the effort and do outreach beyond Facebook. I will seek instruction in better design along with attending UU training sessions and workshops. I can also be available for speaking and workshops. I promise that the website will have more and better content.
  • $24,000 or  about $6 per follower:
    Almost there! This is what the average Patreon supporter for the I Am UU project gives every month. This seems like a reasonable goal. It would mean that I can now safely devote the time a person would normally spend at a full-time, salaried job on the I Am UU project. I work from home, which saves me the money needed to make this my real full-time job. So, in addition to everything above, and I will be able to attend more workshops and events, including GA for the first time if met by mid May.
  • $28,000 or about $7 per follower:
    Full-time pay! This is almost in-line with the UUA guidelines for an Office Administrator of a small congregation in my part of the country. At this point, I will be proudly continue devoting 40 or more hours a week to managing the projects and attending training and educational opportunities that will help me improve the I Am UU outreach throughout the year.
  • $32,000 or about $8 per follower:
    This is the level of pay that matches the guidelines for a Religious Educator who is still seeking credentials, which is what I aspire to. I would love to commit, on top of all of the above, to attending Renaissance Program Module training sessions, if I reach this level of support. It means better writing and memes for both inviting people in and inspiring personal faith development.
  • $36,000 or about $9 per follower:
    This amount is just shy of the pay appropriate to a Congregational Administrator in my area, and the description fits what I do. I know this is a real stretch, but I included it to say that this is less than 75¢ per Facebook fan per month. That’s a small soda or really cheap cup of coffee once every 4 weeks. At this point, in addition to all over the above, I will add to all of the above regular videos and blogging about the behind-the-scenes improvements and all the training and meetings that I can now attend.

The campaign site is here. Please help me spread the word.

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